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  • House & Land Packages

    We offer a wide variety of house and land packages to kick-start your long-term financial goals or enhance an already impressive property portfolio.
  • Apartments

    We only source premium quality apartments in ideal locations that will maximise your long-term financial aspirations and ensure that your investment keeps paying dividends well into the future.
  • Finance

    Through our extensive network of affiliate organisations, we have access to all major lenders in WA.
  • Personal Strategic Analysis

    As part of commitment to financial wellbeing, we offer a FREE, one-on-one appointment to help you identify an investment strategy than can work for you

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50 New Clients

80 New Projects

30% Sales Increase

100% Positive Feedback


Truly integrated living
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Sign up FOR free tips and resources

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Everyone is Talking About Us

IQIWA (Previously known as Trident Property Partners) is the best in town, providing up-to-date marketing information, financing advice and after sales services to all their products. Suit me very well!


Since finding IQIWA (Previously known as Trident Property Partners) I feel more confident in buying properties having had proper advice. Before meeting IQIWA I was worried about not knowing the ins and the outs of getting more value out of investment. Now I'm able to get an investment property with great advice and more knowledge in property investment.

Jason Tan

I’m really happy to have the opportunity to invest in Perth property from Hong Kong. They fully understand every projects before presenting to us and love their works and follow up. My friend also purchase one investment property from them, they handle every customer individual and help them to set up an investment portfolio. Thanks IQIWA (Previously known as Trident Property Partners).

Rhine Wong

Lily and her team have been extremely easy to work with. Their professionalism and expert knowledge of the property industry is clear and I would thoroughly recommend Lily to assist in any property related matter. Her cheerful personality balanced with her strong work ethic makes her a significant force in the industry.

James Chong Lawyers

IQIWA (Previously known as Trident Property Partners) has in-depth knowledge of Investment Properties and how to make it work harder and better prosper their clients. They do not just sell investment properties, they hold your hands throughout your investment lifespan and grow your investment portfolio. They are not just your real estate agent, they are your investment strategists.

Equity Settlements


Learn how past clients used our services to improve their leadership skills.


Our clients have mastered the art of public speaking to go onto be engaging KOL’s in their space.



Agile management styles have allowed 150% business growth in the past 12 months.



Driving awareness of a company through well known CEO’s public profile to increase sales.